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Liquid hand wash - ACCO Brands- korta liquid hand wash msds ,minor spills clean up all spills immediately.€ avoid breathing vapours and contact with skin and eyes.€ control personal contact with the substance, by using protective equipment.€ contain and absorb spill with sand, earth, inert material or vermiculite.€ wipe up.€ place in a suitable, labelled container for waste disposal.€ major spills moderate …MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET MSDS L-108 REVISION 18substance: liquid antibacterial soap trade names/synonyms: dial antibacterial liquid hand soap (gold); moisturizing dial antibacterial liquid soap; dial moisturizing aloe antibacterial liquid hand soap chemical family: mixture i.d. numbers: 901726, 901761, 901785, 901788 (liquid dial); 901727, 901751, 906466, 906469

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Liquid Hand Wash. • A high quality pale pink hand cleaner. • Ideal for use in bathroom & food service environments. • Gentle on the hands & skin, encouraging frequent use. • Low scented perfume suitable for both male & female facilities. • pH neutral. • The everyday, economical liquid soap option. Product Code.

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HAND WASH PINK Safety Data Sheet Page 2 of 4 Extinguishing Non flammable. Prevent contamination of drains or waterways. Hazchem Code None Allocated 6. ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES Spillage If spilt (bulk), wear splash-proof goggles and PVC/rubber gloves. Absorb spill with sand or similar and place in sealed containers for disposal.

SAFETY DATA SHEET Hand Sanitizer Revision

Hand Sanitizer SAFETY DATA SHEET 6.3 6.1 6.2 Section 6. Accidental Release Measures Contain spillage, and then collect with an electrically protected vacuum cleaner or by wet-brushing and place in container for disposal according to local regulations (see section 13). Use proper personal protective equipment as indicated in Section 8.

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MSDS.COM.AU provides an easy to use web-based suite of tools to address all aspects relating to chemicals, risks, incidents and WHS compliance and management. We also provide access to a large repository of manufacturers' Safety Data Sheet and chemical information, as well as GHS compliant SDS authoring services.


Hand protection : PVC Nitrile rubber Skin protection : No special protective equipment required. Respiratory protection : No personal respiratory protective equipment normally required. Hygiene measures : Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety practice. Wash face, hands and any exposed skin thoroughly after handling.

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Apr 01, 2008·Material Safety Data Sheet NFPA HMIS PPE Transport Symbol Issuing Date 01-Apr-2008 Revision Date 01-Apr-2008 Revision Number 1 _____ Page 1 / 6 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Product Name Equate foaming antibacterial hand soap Recommended Use Liquid hand soap. Supplier Address APOLLO HEALTH AND BEAUTY …


Joy Hand Dishwashing Liquid Page 4 of 5 SECTION XIII - DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS Waste Disposal Method: DISPOSAL SHOULD BE IN ACCORDANCE WITH FEDERAL, STATE/PROVINCIAL AND LOCAL REGULATIONS Non Household Setting: Products covered by this MSDS, in their original form, when disposed as waste, are considered non hazardous …

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HAND SOAP ANTIBACTERIAL CIRCULATION 26/04/2016 Page 2 of 5 Revision 1 Eye contact : Bathe with running water for 15 minutes. Seek medical attention. Ingestion : Wash out mouth with running water. If conscious, give half a litre of water to drink immediately.


Product Name Gel Hand Wash - All Fragrances Product Code MSDS-A Recommended Use Consumer use Personal care Supplier Address Method Products Inc. 637 Commercial St Suite 300 San Francisco, CA 94111 866-963-8463 Emergency Telephone No information available 2. HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION Emergency Overview

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Dettol Liquid Hand Wash 1. Identification of the material and supplier SAFETY DATA SHEET Product name : SDS # : Material uses :Hand Wash D8327142 v5.0 Australia - 13 11 26 New Zealand - 0800 764 766 or 0800 POISON Poison Information contact:: Formulation # :Liquid Hand Wash: Raspberry (8313075) v1.0 Rose & Shea Butter (8313081) v1.0 Lemon ...

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A safety shower or eye wash fountain should be readily available. Wash hands thoroughly after handling this material. 9. Appearance/Odour: Clear low viscosity liquid, Colours and fragrance as listed below: Lemon – Yellow Pine – Green Eucalyptus – Blue or Green Spice – Brown Summer Breeze – Purple Water Lilly – Purple


1 / 7 Ethylene Glycol 111-60-4 1 - 5 glycerin 56-81-5 1 - 5 SAFETY DATA SHEET LIQUID HAND SOAP Section: 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION

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Liquid Hand Soap Precautionary statements P264 Wash contaminated skin thoroughly after handling. P280 Wear protective gloves/ protective clothing/ eye protection/ face protection. P302+P352 IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of soap and water. P305+P351+P338 IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove


Recommendations: Liquid hand soap – Ready to use Supplier Name: A Plus Chemicals and Fragrances Address: Unit 3, 237 Collier Road, Bayswater WA 6053 AUSTRALIA Telephone: 08 9370 4829 Fax: 08 9375 3350 Emergency: Israel Sasson 0410 302 200 (a/h) 2. Hazards Identification : GHS classification of the substance/mixture Eye Irritation (Category 2)

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Material Safety Data Sheet Solo Pak Pty Ltd Page 5 of 6 No Rinse Sanitiser Concentrate MSDS Version 1.0 Created 13 July 2014 normally necessary in general use as this product is used in a spray bottle. Personal Hygiene: As in handling any detergent, wash thoroughly after use. 9.Physical and chemical properties


Dettol Instant Hand Sanitiser (Various) 2.25 MB: Dettol Instant Hand Sanitiser NEW original: 133 kb: Dettol Instant Hand Sanitiser Refresh 5L: 187 kb: Dettol Liquid Hand Wash: 117 kb: Dettol Moisturising Hand Sanitiser: 2.26 MB: Dettol Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes - Citrus Zest: 1.84 MB: Dettol Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes - Crisp Apple: 1.84 MB


Non-Ultra Dawn Hand Dishwashing Liquids and Antibacterial Hand Soaps Page 1 of 5 The Procter & Gamble Company P&G Household Care Fabric & Home Care Innovation Center 5299 Spring Grove Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45217-1087 MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET MSDS #: RQ1212675 / 1310079 Issue Date: 1/29/2014


MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Issued by: aiMix Chemicals Pty Ltd Phone: 02 9623 3288 Section 7 - Handling and Storage Handling: Keep exposure to this product to a minimum, and minimise the quantities kept in work areas. Check Section 8 of this MSDS for details of personal protective measures, and make sure that those measures are followed.

Safety Data Sheet Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil ...

Material Safety Data Sheet: Eucalyptus Oil Globulus Organic Page 1 of 7 24 CHATH AM P LACE, BR IGH TON BN1 3 TN (U K) TE L. (U K) 0 8 45 31 0 80 66 FAX. (U K) 0 8 45 31 0 8068 I n t e r n a t i o n a l T e l . + 4 4 1 2 7 3 7 4 6 5 0 5 I n t . F a x . + 4 4 1 2 7 3 2 0 2 7 2 9

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INSTANT HAND SANITISER Safety Data Sheet Page 1 of 8 1. MATERIAL AND SUPPLY COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Product name: INSTANT HAND SANITISER Synonyms Product Code Hand Wash Sanitising Gel 364 Recommended use: Hand sanitiser. No rinse - no need to rinse with water. Supplier Name CLEAN PLUS CHEMICALS PTY LTD ... H226 Flammable …


MSDS-B -Foaming Hand Wash - All Fragrances Version No data available Page 3 / 6 Environmental precautions Avoid release to the environment Methods for containment Prevent further leakage or spillage if safe to do so Methods for cleaning up Take up mechanically, placing in appropriate containers for disposal. 7.


MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET TOILET BOWL AND URINAL CLEANER SECTION 1: IDENTIFICATION ... WASH IMMEDIATELY WITH PLENTY OF WATER. ... Collect liquid in an appropriate container or absorb with an inert material (e.g., vermiculite, dry sand, earth), and place in a chemical waste container. ...

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LIQUID HAND WASH MSDS L-270 (Rev. 3) March 30, 2009 The Dial Corporation • 19001 N. Scottsdale Road • Scottsdale, AZ 85255-9672 Page 3 of 6 Wear skin, eye and respiratory protection as recommended in Section 8. Stop or reduce any leaks if it is safe to do so. Spills present a slipping hazard. Keep unnecessary personnel away.


Jan 28, 2020·PALMOLIVE ULTRA DISHWASHING HAND LIQUID ORIGINAL This industrial Safety Data Sheet is not intended for consumers and does not address consumer use of the product. For information regarding consumer applications of this product, refer to the product label. Version 2.2 Revision Date: 03/18/2020 SDS Number: 660000008016


ALDI STORES MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Brand & Product Name: Tricare Moisturising Milk & Honey Liquid Hand Wash Product Code: AL 051212-14 Page 3 of 8 Issue Number: 1 Issue Date: 23th June 2014 5. FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES Hazards from combustion products: Combustible. Slight fire hazard when exposed to heat or flame.